Power of the Arts Workshops


The Power of the Arts

Free Workshops for Adults

Saturday, March 9th, 1:00 to 4:00pm

Hanby Elementary School, 56 S. State Street

Provided by the Arts Council of Westerville in partnership with the City of Westerville, VSA Ohio, with grant assistance by the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education.

Experiment with the qualities of the arts that transform, heal and express.

  • Introductory Session: What are the benefits of the Arts?”

Choose to participate in two 45 minute sessions:

  • Music Moves
    Focus is on the connections of movement and music to relaxation, reflection and interpretation of music and meaning. You will find that movement can improve your emotional, social, cognitive and physical health and well-being.

  • Artfully Yours
    In this visual art workshop, you will learn to use watercolor techniques as a means of expression. Explore painting as a way to promote expression, emotional growth and healing.

  • Voices of Expression
    This literary workshop invites you to participate in free-writing exercises. Writing is beneficial and can be therapeutic. Discover how your personal expression can be formed through storytelling, poetic response and free-thought writing.

  • Responding to Music
    We all have an innate responsiveness to music. The rhythm of a song can stimulate brain waves, bring joy, stimulate memories or help us develop a keen awareness of life.  In this workshop you will listen to, respond to and reflect on music.

Free. To register for your 2 workshop choices, email artscouncilwesterville@gmail.com 

Registration Deadline:  March 4.

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