2018-19 Arts Education Grant


The Arts Council of Westerville is pleased to share our grant funding opportunity for teachers in Westerville schools. The purpose of the grant is to provide support for unique learning opportunities in and through the arts. This funding is aimed at enhancing the learning experiences for all students through arts programming.  The deadline for submission is December 14, 2018.   We encourage all educators to participate. To apply, fill out the application below.

Grant submissions should be made to:

Jan Fedorenko
Education Coordinator, Arts Council of Westerville
6136 Braet Road, Westerville OH 43081

Grant submissions can also be sent electronically (fedorenj@gmail.com) or completed online using the below form. You can access a print version of this document here.

2018-19 Arts Education Grant

Name *
Grant amount available: $250-600. Up to two grants available.
Total cost of your proposed project, including funding from other sources.
What academic subject is this project focusing on? (ex: history, art, mathematics, etc.)
(ex: 1st Grade, K-12, etc.)
Grant Criteria
Grants will be awarded based on the criteria defined in the questions below.
Provide a description of how this project/program will be related to the arts/integration of the arts in other areas of learning or impact the learning of the students in non-traditional methods. Projects/programs may include visits to community sites, artists in residence, curriculum materials that are not a part of traditional programs.
What learning need for the students will be a part of this program/project? What will students achieve from the project/program when learning about or through the arts?
How will this grant support an alternative to the traditional learning experience for your students that would not otherwise be available?
Discuss the way that you will incorporate this program to provide "evidence of learning" for your students. This may be a student project, program, arts exhibition, program. This evidence will also show the sharing of learning in two ways: school/district performances, displays and a community exhibition, performance, sharing session during Westerville Arts Month in April 2019. Describe what that sharing would look like.
What is your timeline for implementation? Funding will be made available January 2019. Grant recipients will be expected to complete an inform report to the Education Coordinator for the Westerville Arts Council, Jan Fedorenko, in May 2019. Below, please provide a brief timeline for the implementation of the project/program. The project/program must be completed by March 18. Grantees will be contacted by the Education liaison throughout the process to provide support for the program/project.
Include in your submission an itemized budget for implementation. Budget items permitted for the grant include: ● materials not normally provided by school funds ● equipment that is not provided by schools ● transportation to arts related community sites ● professional development for teachers in arts related activities that will provide an impact on student learning in and through the arts.
By submitting this application, you affirm that you have received the approval of your principal(s) and/or supervisor(s).
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I affirm that the above statement is correct.